Sunday, June 14, 2020

Millennial Remorse: A Cautionary Epitaph

I met a man who sorely wept.
   And when I asked the reason why,
He railed, “Tis for this House of Mirrors,
   And these grotesque and twisted times!

“Every glint reflects but lies.
   There’s no true image to be seen.
Now dark intrigues fill this land
   Where once honor was supreme.

“I knew this place before these times,
   Its glory, unsurpassed,
Its people, sought to grow in grace.
   But sadly, that’s now past.

“Bedeviled hearts now stain the land,
   And speak of ugly, insane things.
And yet, contend their thoughts are wise,
   And distill from truth their ring.

“But, it isn’t even nearly so.
   And so, I cry for what I’ve done. 
For, as a fool, I lent my strength
   To help extinguish this world’s sun.”

        P. Davis