Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring's Newest Blue Bird

How must it seem to you, little guy,
The fresh new world through which you fly,
So bright with green, and blue, and white,
So filled with the sun’s bright spring light?

Oh the view of your innocent eyes,
The view I knew, before I cried.  
So, all the more I joy in you,
God’s sweet reminder of my own coming new!

     P. Davis

Sunday, January 5, 2014

September Rains

Life is touched by exquisite moments

   When sadness is made to flee
They're tucked away for sacred times
   When Grace demands a spree

These are the moments which come with the light
   The sweet laughter which follows the night
These are the moments which trail Summer's drought
   When all becomes once again right
     P. Davis

Comforting Ranks

I went marching in the ranks of men
And my Dad was up ahead
And just a little further up
Was my Grandpa's hoary head

So every day we moved along
Forward in our ranks
Sharing life, joy and strife
We gloried in our threesome strength

But then the old man left our ranks
No longer up ahead
So Dad moved up to take his place
And I moved up to Dad's

And then one day as we marched along
Dad was also gone
And I moved up to be in front
I felt so much alone

Until I looked behind my rank
And I made a wondrous find
It was my own son - one row back
And his son just behind

     P. Davis

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day

He’s alone and bleeding – and so far away.
    As Death sits beside to impatiently wait
While his thoughts fly home to hug Mom and Dad 
    And account to the question, “If only I had…”

His burning tears sting a path down his face
     And drop to the ground to mark this place.
A place where devotion met sorrow and fear,
     The place where a soldier shed his last tear. 

And now we pause to help soften this wrong,
     And belove all the soldiers who've died alone.

     P. Davis

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Sunset Nearly Done

  (Upon noticing the haunting beauty of a deep winter sunset over the forest)

Limbed sentinels stand cold against the glow
    As orange surrenders to the clear black flow
And the Night Crest comes with light blessing for all
    And speaks softly of "rest now" - and the coming wake-up call.

     P. Davis

Sunday, November 7, 2010

God's End

Lord I cannot see the end of you. 
 Your bounds are much too far. 
Your bigger than my Universe, 
 Farther than... Oh! my stars! 

 So - while I'm sure I'll never see, 
 Still, I've seen a better part 
For I've gone boldly past the veil 
 And looked upon your heart. 

 And I surmise that could I see 
 The end of all you are, 
It would be but mere reflection 
 Of this familiar part.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When gray slides over, and snow piles high,

And the fire lends cozy to the room,
And hearts, deep warmed by blanket and mug,
Sing along with the crackling tune;

Then we remember that thing we forgot:
The sweet charm of Winter's long gloom.

     P. Davis

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seasons Of Languish, Mornings Of Dance

There are those seasons when life is harsh,
And refuses to grant us success,
Instead it withholds, and obstructs, and says no,
Even though we plead with our best.

But too, are the glorious gifting days
When answers flow like a stream,
When solutions long sought are finally caught,
And at last - We can dance the dream!
     P. Davis

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Frightening lightening and ranting rain,

We run from the clouds and the storm.
But when the noise has come and gone,
In freshness, the land is reborn.

And so are we, truth be known,
By the storms of life along the way.
Something happens in the fear of it all -
Our fears are washed away.

And we're born anew, much improved.
We've survived and overcome.
And in that freshness, we spring again
Now to find -
We've become much more than our sum.

     P. Davis

The Plan

I have a plan and the plan is good.

And I'm excited by all that it holds.
But then I have to work the plan,
And fit myself to its mold.

This part is hard. And I'm often bored.
And I wonder why I even started.
Before you know it, my knees are weak,
And all my resolve, departed.

But then I hear God's Spirit speak,
The words that I know to be true,
"In your patience you possess your soul.
Work the plan; and the plan will work for you."

     P. Davis