Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Day's Death

As I watched a late fall day fade into night

How sad to see a dying day
As the glory of its brightness fades,
To watch the waning rays recede,
Where once the sun so boldly played.

And the sadness of the day's decline,
Becomes so poignant near the night.
But sadder still is the spirit's zeal
When it gives way in the fight.

Could ere there be more throbbing pain
Than to live in the end of an age,
Where men have walked in league with God,
But pride has turned the page.

And the light of right conceides retreat
And the darkness begins to grow
And the souls of men move slowly on
Toward the night in evil's tow.

Oh! Restore again the noon day, Lord,
Make faith again sublime
Restore to us a white-hot heart
Please Lord - one more time.

     P. Davis