Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Science And Faith

I am Science my aged friend,
The new and coming thing.
And now by me men find their way,
And of my treasures sing.

Upon my back must all men go
To cross life's distant sprawl
If they can't get there by me, old friend,
They can't get there at all.

Dear Science you boast of quite a lot,
And you certainly have your place.
But remember this my youthful friend,
You've never seen God's face.

Yet, I can show the man those things,
That, through you, he cannot see.
So, when seeking toward the heavens,
Young friend, he seeks by me.

Thus, you are Science and I am Faith,
And we both must fill our place:
One to serve and one to save,
Oh, do not thwart God's grace.

Fill your place and serve the man,
And help him through the way.
Lend him your strength and let him see
The secrets of his day.

And I, young friend, will help him too,
For I shall take the man
To highest heights in Heavens light
Where he can take God's hand.

     P. Davis