Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As a child we awaken to the peaceful morn,
and the carefree joy of youth.
In freshness, life lies sweet on our heart,
and innocence goes for truth

But then, too soon, comes the growing pain,
which the larger world would impose
Conveyed on the wings of material promise
whose substance we falsely suppose.

And each day we're swept further away,
from the innocence we knew as a child.
Each day we're coaxed a little more
toward the world of want gone wild.

So, on we run after touchable things
as we count their emptiness gain
until that day when we finally see,
their worth so cancelled by pain.

Oh Lord, may your Day Star dawn a new day.
and restore the fresh joy of our youth.
And then, though old, we'll become your child
And again know innocence as truth.

     P. Davis