Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Will Never Forget

A grateful tribute faithful friends inspired by all who so lovingly bound themselves to Andy, our youngest son, and to his family, when he was wounded in Afghanistan.

I will never forget.
Though the seasons of life come and go,
And the winds of adversity blow hard - again,
Still, I will not forget.

Though the world changes,
And new things rise upon the horizon,
And the old and dear things are lost to us all,
I will not forget.

Though my winter comes,
And the life within begins to dim
And the days take back what they gave in the beginning,
Yet, I will never forget.

As long as I can think with a loving mind,
I will never forget the gentleness of your touch upon my wound.
I will never forget your defending friendship against my grief.
I will never forget your faithfulness before I could ask.

And, even when we get home,
And all the tears are gone, and new laughter is our music,
Even then, especially then, I will still be cherishing the sweet memory
Of all that you have been.

     P. Davis