Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God At Dusk

This poem was inspired by a late Summer afternoon exhibition of God's
matchless grace in the natural beauty of a sunset over Lake Hawkins, Wood County Texas, 2003.

Calmly flows the orange glow through translucent puffs
that give birth to pink
and fill the rippled mirror with their image.

While happy wings fling themselves through high freedom
just because they can
reveling in all that God made them to be.

As softly comes the honeysuckle,
Its siren fragrance tumbling down to water's edge
on the spongy breeze of summer.

Only God can heal this way
at the end of the day.

Only God can merge color, and cool,
and the slow motions of a hot day's end
to make life come again.

Only God can whisper
in this voice of unspoken word
and be so clearly heard - to restore my soul at dusk.

     P. Davis